Educational Qualification


Research Area

    Thermal Insulation, Heat Trasnfer Enhancment using Nanofluid , Rarefied gas flow, Microfluidics, I. C. Engine and Alternate fuels


  • Associate Professor


  • Mechanical Engineering

General Information


    Thermal and Fluid Engineering


  • Dr Niraj Shah is working as an Associate Professor, School of Engineering, Institute of Technology since March 2015. He has an experience of more than 20 years in the field of Teaching and Research. He completed B. E. in Mechanical Engineering from S. P. University in 1996 and M. Tech. with specialization Thermal Engineering from IIT Delhi in 2006. Dr. Shah obtained his Ph. D. from IIT Bombay in 2018. He has published research papers in the area of I. C. Engine, rarefied gas flow, energy audit, CFD in International referred Journals and International Conferences/Proceedings. He was CO-PI of three research projects funded by DST, Nirma University and BRNS in the area of Alternate fuels for IC Engine, Catalytic Converter and Parallelization of Legacy Code. He has guided more than 25 PG dissertations. He received Dornacharya Award for Best Faculty Advisor of SAE BAJA Team in the year 2015. He is involved in consultancy, research, and testing in the area of Mechanical Engineering. His research interests include Rarefied gas flow, Micro fluidics, Alternate Fuels, Thermal Insulation, CFD, etc.

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