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Research Area

    Finite Element Analysis, Seismic Analysis and Design of various types of structures, High Performance Computing in Structural Engineering, Progressive Collapse Analysis, Design of Precast Building, Retrofitting of Structures


  • Professor


  • Civil Engineering

General Information


    Structural Engineering


  • Dr Paresh Patel joined the Civil Engineering Department in 1997. Currently, he is Professor of the Department. He has obtained BE (Civil) degree in 1991, ME (Civil) degree in 1993 from Gujarat University and PhD degree in 2006 from The M S University of Baroda. He has about four years of professional experience pertaining to structural design of industrial buildings, multi storied residential buildings and water retaining structures prior to joining the Department. He served as Head of Civil Engineering Department from July 2013 to June 2019. He has guided more than 40 major projects of MTech (CASAD) programme and has supervised two PhD scholars. Presently, two PhD scholars are working under his guidance. Dr Patel has published a number of papers at national and international conferences and journals. He is actively involved in consultancy projects related to structural engineering carried out by the department. He is a recipient of ISTE Charutar Vidya Mandal Vallabh Vidyanagar Gujarat Award for the Best Engineering College Teacher in Gujarat State 2008. He has carried out research projects funded by Institution of Engineers (India), Gujarat Council on Science & Technology, SERB-Department of Science and Technology and ISRO-RESPOND programme. He has authored a book on “Mechanics of Solids”. He is a life member of various professional societies, like ISTE, IE(I), ISWE, ICI, ISET, GICEA, IRC, IBC, INS, IC-ACI and INSDAG. His areas of interest include finite element analysis, seismic analysis and design of various types of structures, high performance computing in structural engineering, progressive collapse analysis, design of precast building and retrofitting of structures.