Educational Qualification

    MTech in Electrical Engineering (Power Apparatus and Systems)

Research Area

    Electrical Drive


  • Assistant Professor


  • Electrical Engineering

General Information


    Electrical Machines


  • Prof S N Jani is working as assistant professor,electrical engineering, school of engineering, institute of technology since June 2009. He has teaching experience of more than 10 years. He graduated in electrical engineering from Atmiya Institute of Technology & Science, Saurashtra University in year 2006. He received his MTech degree in electrical engineering with specialization in Power Apparatus and Systems (PAS) from Nirma University in the year 2009. He has published papers in various national / international conferences and journals. He has guided MTech dissertation projects. His research interests are in the area of electrical machines, electrical drives and testing, commissioning and maintenance of electrical equipment. He has received INAE student fellowship in the year of 2018.

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