DLP Lecture by Dr. Keely Roth, Climate Corp, USA

Topic: Vegetation, Agriculture, Data fusion and Machine Learning

Dr Keely Roth, Senior Remote Sensing Scientist and Science Lead for Horticulture on the Geospatial Sciences team of The Climate Corporation, USA delivered an expert talk on 13th November 2019 at PG Seminar Hall, IT-NU between 4:30 – 6:00 pm on the topic Vegetation. Agriculture, Data fusion and Machine Learning. The lecture was jointly organized by IEEE GRSS society, ISRS Ahmedabad Chapter, IEEE Student Branch, IT-NU and the Institute of Technology, Nirma University. It was coordinated by Prof. Tanish Zaveri, Professor, EC Dept., IT-NU.

Prof Roth covered the basics of remote sensing, basic concepts of sensors, data collection methods, platforms and data utilization in her lecture. She shared her field data experience and issues related to GT collections and focused on how to get the benefits from combining sensor data across temporal, spatial and spectral scales. The major focus of the lecture was on selecting the appropriate sensor and trade-offs to consider the common methods for vegetation characterization and how to use sensors and data fusion to leverage the strengths of multiple systems across various scales. The new sensor technology for GT collection was also discussed. Prof Roth discussed briefly the significance of data fusion and machine learning in remote sensing applications. The lecture was attended by the participants from various institutes like ISRO and CEPT, the faculty members of IT-NU and research scholars, PG and UG students of Nirma University.

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