Google Student Ambassadors Club, also known as GSAC, is the most sought after club on the Institute campus. It has sister clubs all over the world; from USA to Canada, Europe to the Middle East, Australia to Africa, Google Student Ambassador Club is a wonderful initiative by Google, to help change the world from grass root level. Google Student Ambassadors are present in reputed colleges all over the world and they aim to make a difference to the society.

Technology is the new constant and this club, established in 2014, helps recognise this constant. GSAC organises seminars and workshops in association with Google Developer Groups and Google Business Groups. Many entrepreneurs and tech business owners come to share their experiences and knowledge with the students to help enhance their skill sets. These new acquired skills are then put to the test through various quizzes, competitions, campaigns, proposals, etc.

Google Student Ambassadors know the impact that technology has on the society. Hence the club takes goodwill initiatives to give back to the society through its activities involving social innovation.

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