Invincible Leaders League (IL²) is an intra-institute cultural and leadership club of the institute under the aegis of the Department of Mathematics and Humanities. The club caters to the growing demand of the global employment market for interpersonal and leadership skills.

IL² is a club created and managed solely by students. It helps to develop the various facets of a student’s personality. The club provides a platform to the students to showcase their talent and share their knowledge.

The club organises diverse set of activities throughout the year to bring forth, the creative and intellectual side of students. From small fun events like “Beg, Borrow and Steal” to talk sessions in events like “Talk with the Luminaries”, “Groovy & Goofy Talks” and “You Tube Fan Fest-Nirma University Edition”, IL² believes in experience sharing and interactive sessions with eminent  personalities. The flagship events of IL² are “Carpediem”-a two day cultural festival and “TEDx Nirma University”. TEDx Nirma University is the signature event with speakers accomplished in all walks of life gracing the event.


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