Parent Meeting

The Parent-Teacher Meeting for the BTech First Year students is normally held 6 to 8 weeks after the commencement of the semesters. The purpose is to inform the parents about the attendance, class test marks, strengths and weaknesses of their ward and also to address their concerns. The meeting is conducted in two sessions. The first session is addressed by the Director of the Institute followed by an interaction with the Additional Director, Head of the First Year Engineering programme and Head of all the departments. Information pertaining to overall students’ performance, upcoming examinations, planned initiatives, teaching and learning, curricular activities etc. is given to parents. The general queries and concerns of parents are also addressed during this session.

In the second session, parents alongwith their ward interact with the First Year HoD and faculty members teaching their ward. Parents are informed about the first test marks, attendance, overall performance and any other specific concern regarding their ward in a one to one interaction. Parents are encouraged to give their feedback on the academic systems and processes followed in the institute.

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