Students Welfare Board

The Students Welfare Board at Institute level is responsible for coordination between all the student associations and facilitates the social, cultural and sports activities throughout the year. The annual sports meet, ‘Vaudeville’ – the annual cultural festival, ‘NU-Tech’ – the annual technical symposium, NSS /NCC activities, TEDx Talks and many more are planned by respective coordinators in consultation with the Welfare Board. Students selected through the Institute level sports and cultural competitions participate further in the University level and also in inter-university events.

Students of the Institute actively participate in the University level celebration of National days, social activities such as blood donation drives, Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, awareness lectures for youth, Ras-Garba, ‘NUZEAL’ – the annual cultural festival. The Institute Students Welfare Board  plays a key role in organising these events. Adventure activities like mountaineering camps in the Himalayas and desert adventure camps, are also arranged from time to time.

Sharad Purohit
Contact No: 079-71652527


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