Educational Qualification

    Ph D

Research Area

    Computational Biology, Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Analysis


  • Associate Professor and Head of Department


  • Mathematics & Humanities

General Information


    Calcium Dynamics in Cardiac Myocytes


  • Dr Kunal Pathak is working as Associate Professor and I/C Head in Department of Mathematics and Humanities. He has experience of more than thirteen years in the field of teaching and research. He obtained his PhD degree from Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology (SVNIT), Surat. His research work is on Computational Models to Study Calcium Dynamics in Cardiac Myocytes. Currently, he is working in the same field and upgrading the models by incorporating more realistic parameters like the coupling of cells, ununiformed distribution of buffer, source and action potential. His research work has been published in Scopus and Web of Science indexed journals. He has served as the Institute level Library committee member. Dr Pathak is also one of the members of Joint Board of Studies of Science and Pharmacy of the University. He is an active member of Gujarat Ganit Mandal and a lifetime member of ISTE.

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