Idea Lab Projects

  • Mentors: Prof. Darshit S Upadhyay Students involved: VAIBHAV ACHARYA (15BME126), YUVAN JAIN (15BME133), MEET JAISWAL (16BME158) Abstract: Convectional stoves are used by
  • Abstract: The objective of the project is to develop a portable thermal battery using Phase Change Material (PCM). PCMs have
  • Abstract: We have Proposed a model for making the canteen management better in terms of payment and authentication. Students
  • Abstract: The project is proposed to address two issues in automatic driver assistance systems. Drowsiness is a huge problem for
  • Mentors:Prof. Sandip Mehta Students involved: Abstract: In India one of the major problem is electricity. Till today, there are some
  • Abstract: To develop intelligent hardware for shopping mart to utilize efficient and less time consumed shopping technique. It has been

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