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AugVein-Vein Detection through Augmented Reality

Year : 2021

Mentors : Harsh Kapadia

Students involved : 17BIC062-Vishal Jaimin Vakil, 17BEE120 - Varsh Rajesh Ved

Project : Link

Abstract: The main objective of this project is to develop a cost-effective vein viewer that can easily identify the veins and provide enhanced visualization of the veins to the medics. In order to develop the system, a NoIR camera coupled with high illumination IR lights of 850 nm are used to detect the veins on the human hand. The camera is interfaced with a Raspberry Pi computer and integrated with vein viewer software developed using python, OpenCV, and other libraries. Novel image processing filters are developed to enhance the veins on the human hand. Results showed that the developed system is capable of detecting veins accurately and would assist the medical personal for improved venipuncture. The use of a developed system will solve the issues of incorrect venipunctures and it will reduce unnecessary pain and chances of infections. The developed system will provide faster vein detection, accurate venipuncture, and proper drug administration in a cost-effective manner.