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Civil Engineering Department, Institute of Technology receives a grant worth Rs. 4.22 Crores under National Technical Textiles Mission (NTTM) from Ministry of Textiles, Government of India

Technical textiles, including the crucial segment of geotextiles, play a pivotal role in modern infrastructure development and various other applications. Geotextiles are engineered fabrics specifically designed to reinforce soil in construction projects. These textiles find extensive use in transportation infrastructure, erosion control, slope stabilization, filtration, and drainage systems. It is used in various infrastructure projects like road construction, erosion control, retaining walls, slope stability, landfills, etc. Application also includes the use of recycled materials or organic fabrics to create eco-friendly products.

The Department of Civil Engineering at Institute of Technology, Nirma University has achieved a significant milestone by securing a grant of Rs. 4.22 crores under the National Technical Textiles Mission (NTTM), an initiative of Ministry of Textiles, Government of India.

Of the total amount, Rs. 3.92 crores has been earmarked for the establishment of “Centre of Excellence in Geotechnical Textiles”. The centre will have facilities to test different set of properties of geotextiles. It is also envisaged to investigate the soil-geotextile interaction for various infrastructure applications. This centre will be poised to become the hubs of research, experimentation and hands-on learning.

A sum of Rs. 30 lakhs has been allocated to support training of faculty and staff members of the department. This would enable the department to impart the knowledge of geotextiles and their applications to the students, academicians and professionals through curricular teaching, workshops and training programmes.

The Centre would enhance the knowledge and skills of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students across the Institute through curriculum enrichment and execution of projects. It would also enable the research scholars for enhancement in research activities. The faculty members will be able to conduct research activities as well as execute the consultancy and training assignments related to the field of Geotextiles.

Through these initiatives, community members gain the knowledge needed to effectively use geotextile materials in construction and environmental projects, fostering self-sufficiency and economic growth. This funding will be instrumental in development of education and innovation in the field of technical textiles, particularly in the realm of geotextiles to contribute in the enhancement of infrastructure development and various other sectors.