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Nirma University Scintilla ’24 programme attended by eminent dignitaries of India

Nirma University Scintilla '24 program was attended by eminent dignitaries of India

Nirma University’s campus was alive with innovation and inspiration during the two-day extravaganza (March 1 to 2), Scintilla ’24, organised by the Electrical Engineering Students’ Association (EESA). Themed “Electroverse: Bridging Tech and Beyond,” the event brought together students, industry experts, and enthusiasts to explore the latest trends and advancements in electrical engineering.

The event kicked off with a grand inauguration ceremony featuring esteemed guests, including Dr. C.R. Mehta, Faculty Advisor of EESA, whose extensive background in academia has contributed significantly to the field. Dr. Mehta introduced the Chief Guest, Dr. A.J. Chavda, Chief Engineer of GETCO, renowned for his pioneering work in power systems management, and Guest of Honour, Mr. Kumarpal M. Desai, Founder and Chairperson of Omega Elevators, known for revolutionising vertical transportation systems. Dr. S.C. Vora, Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Nirma University, outlined the agenda, emphasising innovation and sustainability, reflecting his vast experience in research and education.

Day 1 unfolded with a dynamic talk show, featuring industry leaders such as Mr. Shivrajsinh Tomar, Co-founder of Motion Automotive, whose entrepreneurial journey has inspired many, Swaryogi Mr. Zeel Patel, a spiritual leader known for blending ancient wisdom with modern challenges, and financial expert Mr. Abhishek Kar, whose expertise in financial management has guided numerous organisations towards success. The discussions explored topics ranging from startups to spirituality and finance, inspiring attendees to explore new horizons.

Day 2 continued the excitement with competitions like RoboRhythm and Wordict, alongside insightful workshops focusing on Power System Protection and Transformer Restoring. The day concluded with a spectacular valedictory session, recognising winners and celebrating the spirit of achievement and camaraderie.

Scintilla ’24, a platform for collaboration and creativity, reaffirmed Nirma University’s commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in engineering education.