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NSS, School of Technology, IT-NU has organized a Seven day Camp


The NSS unit of School of Technology, Institute of Technology, Nirma University has organized a seven-day residential camp at Motipura village, Gandhinagar. During this camp, the students focused on the theme “Water Conservation”. Engaging with the local community, the students raised awareness about the importance of water conservation, hygiene, and preventing water pollution.

The participants visited households in the village, emphasizing the significance of using water judiciously and avoiding contamination to prevent waterborne diseases. Furthermore, the students took initiatives to transform open areas into clean spaces, constructing sanitation facilities, and actively contributing to the Indian government’s “જળ એ જ જીવન” (Water is Life) mission. Through their efforts, they educated the local population on the benefits of clean water, inspiring them to make lifestyle changes for the betterment of their health and the environment.

In addition to their work on water conservation, the students organized a “Health Awareness Camp”. The camp aimed to promote hygiene and sanitation practices among the villagers. This initiative included activities such as cleanliness drives, spreading awareness about the importance of maintaining a clean environment, and conducting health check-up camps to address basic health concerns.

The students’ exceptional efforts were acknowledged by the village’s Sarpanch and the local community, expressing gratitude for the positive impact they made. This unique and dedicated approach by the students not only contributed to the welfare of the community but also aligned with the broader goal of building a healthier and more sustainable society.