Team Stallions of Nirma University

The students of Nirma University, part of Team Stallions of SAE Nirma Collegiate Club consisting of 50 members from various domains of engineering such as mechanical, electrical, electronics and communication engineering who work day and night to design and manufacture a formula spec race car which competes in national level competition Formula Bharat. This is second year of participation in Formula Bharat Competition where the team will be running the car C-32.

This car is powered by a KTM Duke 390 engine which is directly procured, whereas most other components such as chassis, rollcage, suspension, wheel assembly, body panels, nose, etc. all the other components are manufactured in house.

The car has double wishbone suspension, first generation wheel hub, Ackerman steering system, custom cooling system and other various parts which are necessary for the functioning of the car. Some components such as intake manifold and exhaust are designed, analyzed and tuned in Nirma’s Mechanical Workshop itself. This year’s model has a maximum speed of 105 km/hr. The car’s low ground clearance enables the car to take sharp turns at the speed as high as 70 km/hr.

This wonderful opportunity is provided by Nirma University. We are provided funds to manufacture the car along with the machinery and equipment required alongside. Here learning meets handful experience, all the departments are distributed among the students where they do the required research and prepare a prototype which is almost as same as the commercial vehicles. This improves our knowledge and gives a vast exposure to engineering fields. The team is grateful to the University, Department, Faculty and to provide us required facilities and platform for the continuation of our legacy.