Fly Ash and Bottom Ash Based Cementless Paver Blocks for Rural Pavements of India

Large amount of fly ash and bottom ash generated as waste by the thermal power plants is dumped at rural sites. Dealing with this industrial waste is a serious challenge for India.

An innovative idea of using Fly Ash and Bottom Ash together was implemented in the collaborative research project on “Application of Precast Products made using Bottom Ash and Fly Ash for Rural Pavements and other infrastructure in India”. Dr. Urmil Dave from the Department of Civil Engineering and Dr Rishi Gupta from the University of Victoria, British Columbia jointly carried out this project in 2015-2018 which was funded by IC-IMPACTS (Canada-India Research Centre of Excellence).

Encouraging laboratory results paved the way for using cement less concrete paver blocks for the construction of the pavement stretch at village Jaspur, near the city of Ahmedabad. The pavement stretch which was prepared two years ago has functioned quite efficiently and is in use today.

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