Innovative Catalytic Converter for Automobiles

Automobiles generate hazardous exhaust gases like Carbon Monoxide (CO), unburned Hydrocarbons (HC) and Nitrogen Oxides (NO). They have an adverse effect on human health, air quality and environment and the problem is growing with the growing number of vehicles. Prof Femina Patel, Prof Sanjay Patel from the Department of Chemical Engineering and Dr Niraj Shah from the Department of Mechanical Engineering took up the challenge and developed a catalytic converter for abating automotive emission using an affordable Palladium-doped Perovskite. The research was sponsored by Nirma University under its Major Project Funding Scheme.

The catalyst perovskite was developed with a small amount of Palladium known for its good thermal and mechanical stability with excellent redox properties. It is a low cost material when compared to noble metals. The performance of perovskites was enhanced by incorporating small amount of Palladium into a perovskite structure which minimised the tail pipe pollutants significantly and also exhibited no sintering, minimum volatilisation at high operating temperatures and very low deactivation. The unique reactive grinding planetary ball mill, developed indigenously produces perovskites in an efficient, simpler and economical manner.

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