Ongoing outstanding research in the area of Power Electronics

Power Electronics Group of the Department of Electrical Engineering is engaged in active research on the following research areas-

  • Reduced switch count topologies of multi-level inverters for cost effective solutions with ease of control
  • Capacitor voltage balancing schemes for different multi-level inverter topologies for improved output voltage
  • Front-end converters for improved power quality employing current-controlled PWM and multi-level topologies
  • Control strategies for shunt active power filter for harmonic compensation
  • Distributed generation system for voltage balancing in grid and low voltage ride through capability employing T-type NPC three-level inverters
  • Grid connected solar inverters with maximum power point tracking and phase-locked loop systems for better dynamic response
  • DC-link modulation strategy for buck-boost converter based inverter system for v/f control of induction motor drives

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