Radiation Hardened Chip

Prof N M Devashraye and Prof Usha Mehta of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering designed and developed a radiation hardened chip using the ‘Radiation Hardening by Design (RHBD)’ technique. Considering the extensive usage of electronic systems in Spacecraft and harsh radiation environment in Space, the radiation effects on electronic systems and development of radiation hardening electronic systems has been a topic of research. Digital circuits used in space applications such as Satellite and Aircraft suffer from particle strikes and their effect. With the development of smaller process technology and higher performance, the system becomes progressively sensitive to smaller amount of radiation. As a low percentage of cosmic rays reaches to the Earth’s surface and also the impurities in packaging material emit particles, devices which are in space and ground level have to cope-up with radiation effects. The technology developed by the Professors will have immense application and will be tested and used by SAC- ISRO. The image shows the layout of Radiation Hardened chip as well as packaging of the chip.

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