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CodeAdda club, open to all students of the Institute of Technology, provides a platform to meet, learn and share their knowledge in the fields of Algorithms, Data Structures and Competitive Programming. The objective of the club is to encourage students to learn about competitive coding and enhance their problem-solving skills. CodeAdda club conducts online contests and arranges interactive sessions to develop a competitive coding culture among students.

Chairman: Dr Madhuri Bhavsar
Faculty Advisor: Dr Ankit Thakkar

Board Members

Position Name Roll Number
President Harshil Tagadiya 19BCE270
Vice President Het Patel 19BCE172
Devanshi Goel 19BCE067
General Secretary Hetarth Parikh 19BCE155
Technical head Neelkumar Patel 19BCE187
Dhara Harsora 19BCE076
Patel Divya 19BCE167
Hrushi Patel 19BCE175
Executive Head Pranay Chauhan 19BCE213
Aayush Kansara 19BCE002
Editor Taha Firoz 19BCE271
Sagar Lakhanotra 20BCE511
Club Director Nupur Parikh 20BCE180
Yug Khatri 20BCM090
Prajapati Riddhi 20BCE231
Urvik Jada 20BCE095
Kartavya Mandani 20BCE120
Patel Dhruv 20BCE201
Utsav Vasoya 20BCE312
Arunima Barik 20BCE016
Smit prajapati 20BCE233


Event Details

Name Date Mode Description Links
Graph Session 02/03/2022 Offline The session to teach about DSU, MST and talk about some other
important topics for the people interested in Competitive Programming.
Event Photo: Click Here
Programmers’ Meet 10/03/2022 Offline Session specifically for 1st Year students, as a part of
awareness of CP in the campus.
Event Photo:  Click Here
Introduction to Dynamic Programming 20/04/2022 Offline Session to teach the fundamentals of Dynamic Programming. Event Photo:  Click Here
Basics of Competitive Programming Session 22/01/2022 Online (Webex meet) Session to teach the basics of competitive programming and
DSA concepts targeted towards the students who want to start
Competitive Programming.
Event Recording:  Click Here
Coding Contest Series Jan 2022 – Present Online (Codeforces) Series of coding contests to improve problem-solving skills.
Contest were held on Codeforces site
Contest details:  Click Here
Long Coding Competition 22/07/2022 Online (Codeforces) Long coding contest with problem difficulty varying from easy
to hard which covers basic concepts required in
Competitive Programming.
Event Photo:  Click Here