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Somya Gupta

I graduated in Instrumentation & Control Engineering (renamed as Electronics & Instrumentation) from Institute of Technology, Nirma University in May 2021. During my stay (between 2017 to 2021) at Instrumentation & Control Engineering department under Institute of Technology, Nirma University, I felt enriched in several ways which include, Socially, Academically, Scientifically and also as a Project Manager. On social front, I got an opportunity to interact with the students who came from several parts of India. Of course, academically I had an opportunity to interact with the best faculties and Lab staff of our department. It was a breathtaking experience sharing my ideas with them. I have always found them very cooperative and strong supporter for new ideas. This has helped me to get motivated towards scientific work. My association with IC department at Nirma University has made me confident and aroused the interest to learn and develop new technologies for the societal benefits. Although spread of COVID-19, was a tough time during our final year. I took it as a challenge and developed unique disinfection equipment for the sterilization of medical surgical tools. I was encouraged by the department and university for the submission of Patent, which is under review. Successful execution of this idea has sharpened my Scientific and Project Management skills therefore my journey with IC department of Nirma University has given me a lifetime opportunity. I could inculcate new habits that helped me in all aspects of my life until now. It expanded the horizons of my knowledge and made me truly globally competent professional. This place has immensely added to my persona and I will always cherish the memories I shared with this place. The best thing that Electronics & Instrumentation department of Nirma University has provided me is by introducing to the International Society of Automation, USA. I have been active member of ISA since my first year of Undergraduate studies. I have been recipient of ISA Dick- Morley Innovation Scholarship Award in 2019, ISA Educational Foundation Scholarship Award 2020, 2021 and 2022. I also served at the position of Technical Head at ISA Student’s Chapter Nirma University.