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Alka Mahajan

Director, Institute of Technology 
Dean, Faculty of Technology and Engineering
Nirma University

E-mail :
Ph. 079-71652000

Director’s Message

The world of Science and Technology is at the cusp of renaissance. With mind boggling inventions and a rapid growth in research and development, the dynamics of traditional education is evolving. As different branches of engineering coalesce seamlessly into newer streams, the scope of learning is expanding exponentially. We at the Institute are trying to create a similar synergy within our walls – where different branches, while mastering their own curriculums strive to merge seamlessly with those from other factions of engineering, attempt to create and discover the wonders that the future holds. We inspire our students to embrace the possibilities rather than being in awe when they hit you.

At the Nirma Institute of Technology, we strive not only to prepare our students for the change, but also try and get them a step ahead by challenging their abilities and nurturing their curiosities. We strive to inculcate within them not only academic excellence but also the ability to adapt to change; both technological and social – in order to make sure that they are ready not just to face the new world but to be the leaders and pioneers as the new world is crafted. If you are passionate, and you possess a desire to meet technology and embrace it, IT-NU is the place for you.

Alka Mahajan

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