Continuing education is a lifelong learning process that meets a variety of developmental needs of the industry and community. It comprises skill training as well as upgrading of skills and knowledge through competence based education. Resources such as buildings, laboratories, instruments, faculty members, etc. are put to the use for all the stakeholders and public at large.

The Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) was established in the year 2012 to meet the primary objectives of educating industry professionals and community members by utilising the expertise and resources of Nirma University. The courses are suitably designed to meet the needs of different target groups, ranging from professionals, students, faculty members, and community members at large to enable them to develop their skills, increasing their employability and providing them with the opportunities to become entrepreneurs. The CCE also targets the executives of different management levels with an objective to grow them into competent and creative managers.

The CCE offers a wide range of courses for educational services, conducting need based workshops, designing courses like Executive Diploma Programmes and examinations and issuing appropriate grading certificates to the participants in accordance with the university norms.


Yogesh N Trivedi
(I/c) Head, Centre for Continuing Education
Nirma University
Email: head.cce@nirmauni.ac.in
Phone: 079-71652110