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To encourage and help meritorious students pursue their study, various scholarship schemes and financial aids are offered by the Institute. Such assistance is subject to the regulatory provisions and fulfilment of the prescribed criteria, as may be decided by the University from time to time.

Various scholarship options are available for the students to provide financial assistance to the deserving and/or needy students. The renewal of the said scholarship is based on their academic performance and overall conduct during the previous year. Conditions such as a minimum PPI of 7, fulfilling the minimum attendance requirement, not using unfair means in examinations, apply for continuation of the scholarship.

Student’s merit and hard work are recognised through the Nirma Merit Scholarship scheme. Rs One lakh per annum to the top 5,  Rs 90k to the next 20, and Rs 50k to the next 25 students are given on the basis of merit under this scheme.

In addition to Students’ merit, this scheme also takes into account the annual income of the family. Rs 90k is given to the top 25 students with a total family income less than two and half lakhs, Rs 50k to the next 25 students in the income group not exceeding Rs 4 lakhs, and Rs 25k to the another 25 students with family income not exceeding Rs 6 lakhs.

Additionally assistance by way of interest subsidy on student loan taken for tuition fee is given by the University. The benefit is provided to 5% of the total intake of students with 100% reimbursement of interest on loan for a family income up to Rs 3 lakhs, 50% reimbursement in case of family income not exceeding Rs 5 lakhs.

This scholarship is instituted by the Nirma Institute of Technology Alumni Association (NITAA) with a view to give back to the society by helping meritorious students in need of financial assistance. Scholarships of Rs 30k each, once a year, are provided to branch wise two students every year,  subject to satisfying the merit criterion of maintaining a PPI of 7.5 and not getting scholarship from any other agency.

This scheme helps meritorious and needy students earn some monthly sustenance money. Students, who do not receive any financial benefits from the university or government and have annual family income not more than Rs. 10 lakhs per annum are eligible to apply in the scheme. The eligibility/conditions, number of beneficiaries and amount are as per the norms prescribed by the University. The selected students have to put in a maximum of 10 hours/week work in an assigned section of the University.

Financial support is offered to post graduate students by way of a monthly stipend based on merit. First nine GATE qualified students get Rs 12.4K per month and all remaining students get Rs 8K per month. Such students are assigned academic load limited to eight hours per week as decided by the department.

The full time doctoral scholar is given Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) for the first two years and Senior Research Fellowship (SRF) for the third year as per the UGC norms. The fellows are expected to put in 8 hours per week for academic work assigned by the department.