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Artificial Intelligence

Let’s talk about the most cliched topic in the technology domain :Artificial intelligence!
Let me guess what you just thought about ChatGPT? Yep , with Chatgpt making such waves in the domain it will be un-engineer like to not talk about this. We will not go into the depth of the technology just a surf by to understand what AI is all about

You might think that artificial intelligence was a more of a recent discovery,something that came up like the smartphones but AI seeds were sown much before it was known as AI

So,let’s start with the humble beginnings of the current king of tech:
Humans as such were always interested in automating the objects around them, be it a clock,to instruments to calculate astronomical position be it a culinary automation or a calculator , we were fueled by the quest of looking for ways to make a “machine” to do a human’s work.

Initially the automatons were bound to the more flamboyant tasks such as a tea serving machine,or a bust that would predict your future(a bit creepy) but that was the stepping stones for something that would blossom into a craze later on. In 1943 , two brilliant men named Warren McCulloch and Walter pits proposed artificial neurons which laid the groundwork of AI. Then came the ever famous Alan Turing who brought the Turing test a way to measure the ability of a ‘machine ‘ to exhibit intelligence ,and it has not looked back since then.

Artificial intelligence has a lot of uses now. It has helped ease the tedious task of identifying criminals by making use of the facial recognition system rather than depending on the morals and honesty of a witness.

We have AIs that help scientists calculate and predict fusion reactions, the path of an asteroid(it just feels safer when a machine is calculating the odds of a direct earth hit),the possibility of creating new materials that will in turn help humanity solve the question of who are we? And what will we do after we have successfully destroyed Earth due to the unwanted damage brought on by globalization.

The ever ready Siri and Alexa are products of AI using their algorithms to fetch the most appropriate answers to the question you might have ( honestly sometimes the answers will be downright sassy and will be added in your list of comeback)
How can we forget the latest fashion trend in cars? Self Driving cars uses the AI algorithms to make sure the the passengers are transported safely(think about the drop in road rage , if you hit the car you will not have anyone to fight with)
And the best application of all the homework/assignment solving god’s gift Chatgpt which cuts down the time that you spend going through firewalled links and gives you the answer like a solid friend by your side.

The list goes on if you are considering the applications of Artificial Intelligence but it poses a important question too where do we draw a line in understanding whether the model that has been created with have a darker and detrimental effect on society one of those being the Deepfakes where the their will be no credibility on what a person says and posts.
In this economy the other question would be about jobs. It is important to note that even though AI makes life easier by completing tasks , its scope of creativity will be limited to the creators mind A counter question to would be DALL-E but what is DALL-E except for a well curated dataset of text-image data and the machine learns through those , it will and can never replace the craze of understanding a problem and trying to crack the seams of reality to find a solutions . What is AI but a solution to a problem that encountered the imaginative prowess of humans. Incorporating AI has made us stronger and rightfully so but it is important to know

AI will not replace you but a person who works with and understands the power of AI will;

Author Dipti Shah -