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  • Finally, it was the most awaited day of this year’s summer vacation! The first day; was the beginning of
Date : 07/07/2022
  • Software security is the process of building and protecting a piece of software in such a manner that no
Date : 21/11/2019
  • In the field of computer science, artificial intelligence, sometimes called machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast
Date : 26/06/2019
  • Let me introduce you with one technical term “space time dilation”. Yeah, it’s astrological term but very necessary for
Date : 26/06/2019
  • Hey all ! Today I would like to discuss about one of the most helpful resources we as developers
Date : 26/06/2019
  •   Presented at NOSSDAV 2013. Speaker: Dr. Aljosa Smolic (Disney Research Zurich)     Stereoscopic 3D is established in
Date : 26/06/2019
  • Sharing the Key note address presented by NVIDIA CTO during GPU Technology Conference 2017. The keynote kicked off with this
Date : 26/06/2019
  • Will Your Children Be Able To Get A Good Job In The Age Of The Smart Machine? Posted: 08/22/2014
Date : 10/04/2019
  • By now you might be knowing that Android apk can be made using Java, Kotlin, HTML-Js(cross platform apps) as
Date : 09/04/2019