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It is an age old adage & very true on the touch stone at time that,
“Todays wing space of the jumbo jet is longer than the first ever flight made by the Wright brothers”.
In the last few decades, there is a volcanic proliferation in the domain of totalitarianism of technology that today’s fiction is getting translated into a legitimate reality in the field of technology by using Indianized contemporary Frugal Engineering concept.

As per the technology  wizards & marketing bigwigs, it is a buzz word nowadays that,

“Space domain will be the major money spinning industry of future”

By 2030, the Indian space programme also as per the vision of the His Excellency Ex, President of India , late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam will phenomenally float on the wings of imagination & Fire and  will beyond the shadow of doubt penetrate into the lives of Indian populace. It is a cardinal fact, that by 2030, India will become a force to  reckon  with as a Messiah of solutions  for the day to day  problems of a common  Indian. Our country  without entering into the rate race of advanced nations, as mentioned Father of Space Programme  need not compete with developed nations  who are craving for  becoming numerouno in “Space”. These advanced nations are putting  abundant energy & extravagant budget into   tomorrow’s  Space Elevators for space Tourism,  Inter-galactic missions etc. to stake a piece of land on these.

But  vision  of ATAMNIRBHAR BHARAT resonates with the foundation stone statement of Father of Indian Space Programme,  Dr.Vikram Sarabhai that,

“India should be second to none in the applications of advanced technologies for solving the real life problems of man & society”.

Futuristic advanced technologies viz, I.O.T/ Block chain Disruptive Technologies /A.I / Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality / Big Data Hadoop  approach / 3D Printing solutions & Autonomous Micro / Nano / Pico Manufacturing will become a back bone & back-up structure of solutions for Indian Scenario & in-situ problems of the Indian soil.

Indian men & Society, as a matter of fact, are going to have head-ons with the day to day basic needs and  requirement for at least in this decade. So accordingly, Indian Space Technology in 2030 will gear up with ambidexterity & handle the fundamental grass root  problems of India & its people by concentrating  on the following road map of ten ideas, which are need  of the hour…….

Efficient & Effective use of Space technology by 2030 is most imperative for exploring the solutions for solving the basic  issues  of Indians as mentioned ut-infra along with the ongoing identified GAGANYAN/ NISAR / S.R.E / GEOSAT / GISAT / GSAT / RISAT / IRNSS / CARTOSAT / CY-2 / Mars-2 / Aditya HYSIS / missions etc.. Need of the hour is for the following  technologies, which are felt by common Indian :-

  1. BOOKSAT Satellite should be launched in the country, which is need of the hour; so that every child’s unique  potential can be tapped in every nook & corner of the country. The Education system of country needs total overhauling from the point of view of a dedicated satellite displaying all the STANDARD BOOKS of all the classes. This idea will facilitate free education without the exorbitant expenditure on the HARDCOPY books asked by schools which lakhs & lakhs  of poor parents cannot afford..
  2. Dedicatedly Launching  JAWANSAT Satellite for dedicated  Indian Soldiers (Army, Air Force, Navy, BSF, CISF & RAF teams etc ) for the country for monitoring their health / disaster handling in far & distant   posts on high mountain ranges / Limitless  desserts & Deep Oceans
  3. For Guiding / Monitoring / Advising the upcoming Food processing industry in India FOODSAT Satellite should be launched, so that major quantity of  perishable food products viz. Fruits / Grains / meat /poultry/fish/ Diary-milk products can be handled   professionally. Presently hardly 2-5% of India’s produce is processed & rest 90-95 % gets perished as per the statistics & millions of mouths sleep hungry in the night.
  4. Dedicatedly launching a  FARMERSAT Satellite  for    farmers of the country for their requirements related to information of right seeds, crop diseases, right way to protect their harvest, prevention from rodents & protection from natural calamities.
  5. Solution for solving basic water shortage in Indian peninsula by launching a dedicated            WATERSAT Satellite. Prevention of flash Flood in all the rivers of the country during monsoon by developing dedicated MONSAT Satellite . Which will also be able to monitor holistically 13 contries of world which are sinking by few mm every year due to inordinate pumping of sub surface water from soil and illegal sand mining and  so on and so forth.
  6. Improving  the Traffic flow system into our crowed roads/streets of all cities of India by developing TRAFFSAT Satellite which can eventually help realize the dream project of connecting all Indian Highways from Ladhak to Kanyakumari & Saurashtra to Mizoram.
  7. By Launching a MEDICINESAT satellite  which on-line  provides medical facility / Specialists  to the poor people of country, specially BPL who virtually stand in the long serpentine  queues in Municipal Hospitals.
  8. By developing SPORTSAT Satellite to encourage children and catch them young in order to train them for National, Asian  & Olympic games and eventually earn Gold  Medals for India.
  9. By Launching an Absolute QUALITYSAT satellite  which on-line  provides  Absolute Quality Check facility of all Industrial / Consumable products of country to Indians based on 6 sigma accuracy.

Novelty & Feasibility of Proposals : Every novel Project proposed above is practically feasible if following radical changes are brought in  working systems across Country by dropping all procedural hurdles of system’s functionality.  Special & dedicated TASK TEAMS directly reporting only to  Institution  Directors or Controllers should be formed (Horizontal Management  expansion rather than Vertical Management  expansion concept) with DND (Do Not Disturb) hash tag.  Colossal Time spent on Travel, meetings, form filling, Indent raising,  frivolous Purchase follow up in committees, Stores follow up,mundane gate passes should be totally cut by introducing SWC (Single Window Concept) in purchase / Stores.  Let Purchase Teams handle the independent procurement by approaching Technical Engineer right upto their  tables.

Dedicated efforts should be made for separating R&D set up and Multiple Factory set up for production of satellites by introducing Industry big players who can run the GOVT- INFRA-STRUCTURE in three shifts 24x7x365 days. Experienced staff should concentrate on Advance R&D and software development which is taking back seat at present & let Hackneyed & cliché type repetitive jobs be transferred to Capable Industry by signing MOUs. Batten Transfer problem should be handled by First /Second / Third layers with hand-shake minimum for 5 years to transfer the hard earned experiences..

I would like to end, by quoting Robert Frost that,

“Woods are lovely Dark & Deep,
But we have promises to keep……..
And miles to go before we sleep ….
And miles to go before we sleep …”

Author Dr B S MUNJAL Prof. of Applications, Nirma Institute of Technology