Can I live long than my regular age?

Let me introduce you with one technical term “space time dilation”. Yeah, it’s astrological term but very necessary for your answer.

We’ve all heard the phrase that “time is relative,” but it can be difficult to wrap the mind around what that actually means. The phrase came from Einstein’s Theory of Relativity that joined space and time and created the idea of a fabric that permeates the whole universe a fabric of : “space-time.” We all measure our experience in space-time differently. That’s because space-time isn’t flat – it’s curved, and it can be warped by matter and energy. If one goes near to very massive object than earth, the time will spend slow for him with respect to earth. This is because that object has more gravitational force and it causes curve in space time fabric.



Here is image, showing how earth impacts on space time. This can be explained by simple formula :

Speed = distance/time

Light (in this case, speed) is always constant and travels at a speed of 180,000 miles per second.  Imagine two beams of light: one in a weak gravitational field traveling between points a and b, and the other in a strong gravitational field traveling between points c and d.


Obviously, a ray travelling c to d will cover more distance, so that it will take more time for displacement c to d then a to b. This effect has been proven by several experiments and is used to run and maintain something most of us use almost every single day: GPS.

Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites are positioned about 12,550 miles above Earth’s surface and therefore are not as close to Earth’s gravitational field.  The clocks on these satellites tick faster than the clocks on Earth’s surface so scientists have put a correction into the satellite programs to ensure that the GPS data sent back to Earth’s surface have matching times.  Without this correction, GPS satellites would not be the useful tool that we know them to be.

So, i hope, you might get hint that what i want to say about your answer. Answer is : YES!!! We can live long then our age on earth (in terms of time) with some physical consequences (like poor water and blood circulation).

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Author Parth Ajagiya

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