Training programmes for industry professionals are offered by all the departments of the Institute of Technology. Conduction of the training programme follows a well structured process of need identification, content design and effective delivery. Customised training based on specific requirement is also offered.

Few of the major training programmes conducted so far –

  • Rehabilitation of the concrete structures
  • Concrete mix design, testing and structural rehabilitation
  • Water proofing – myths, reality and strategic approach
  • Evaluation, repair and protection of Structures against corrosion
  • Web App development using Android
  • Python programming
  • Document typesetting using LaTex
  • Data mining
  • Data analytics
  • Protection and drives for electrical motors
  • Electrical engineering for non – electrical engineers
  • Transformer protection systems
  • Power system protection and substation equipment
  • CFD for Centrifugal Pump Industries
  • Measurement of Flow Properties
  • FEA using CAE Packages
  • Mechanical Maintenance: Gear Box, lubrication and bearings
  • Materials for Construction for Ammonia/Urea Plant
  • Redesign of Heat Recovery Unit
  • Design and Analysis of Heat Exchanger
  • Image Processing and Naval Applications
  • MATLAB for Engineers
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Embedded Systems
  • Digital Signal Processing



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