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“GROWING THROUGH THE SPIRIT OF INQUISITINESS”, is the buzz word in today’s rapidly growing competitive world and it is verily said, which is also very true in time domain,

“Grow through, what you go through.”

I have grown through this spirit of inquiry & the quintessence of this aspect is enumerated below: – It is ratified & corroborated very well in the quotation of His Excellency, Honourable, Ex-President of India, Late Dr. A.P.J. Kalam,

“If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like sun.”

It is very true on the touch stone of time, that burning comes from the inquisitiveness & the basic instinct of asking five fundamental questions every moment about anything new you want to learn,

“ Why, What, When, Where & How”

As education is a liberating experience, getting educated with these fundamental questions can help fathom the depths of any subject. Adopting this very approach only, almost all top notch scientists could do the research & come out with innovative inventions viz. Albert Einstein, Thomas Alva Edison, George Stephenson & Faraday etc. They grew in their subjects by asking questions, dwelling on their answers & they could dig out innovations from the treasures of mother nature by using power of sub-conscious mind which is six times powerful than conscious mind. This spirit of inquiry was the prime mover in carrying out their contributions on this watery planet, by using primarily right cerebrum of their brain.
I also fully believe in this skill-set & have made whole hearted attempts to imbibe this art from the very beginning of my life. I also try to put it into practice the approach synthesis of Application-Centric education & have witnessed the wonders of it in my personal life. To mention from my heart, I want to state that I fell in love with the nature & started wondering about the creations of God. My inquisitiveness of asking questions to my parents virtually satisfied my hunger for learning new things.
I realized that, “ the purpose of life, is life of purpose”, and that every moment of life you can learn new things & relish to develop a Holistic personality, rather than living a vegetative existence in this mundane world. Eventually, I would like to mention this approach of inquisitiveness & curiosity has brought a turning point in my life by bestowing upon me the scientific temperament. It is verily said,

“Where Hatred ends Humanity begins & where Science ends Spirituality begins.”

Author : Dr B S MUNJAL Prof. of Applications, Nirma Institute of Technology, Ex Group Director, Scientist/Engineer-G , SAC-ISRO Ahmedabad