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On Perspective

Most of our documented past was … is written through a lens.
“Lens”, is a pretty simple way to explain something much more deep and brain-racking.
The lens in our eye, the lens we wear to see, or perhaps the invisible lens we put on when we are thinking about something.
Similar to the doubt you are feeling right now, it is your perception that the author loves to not get to the point.
Well you are right, and getting right to the point let’s talk about perspective.
According to the Cambridge Dictionary: Perspective refers to “a particular way of considering something”
A small chip in our programming that allows us to think differently from the person sitting next to us. Or sometimes even thinking about a different approach than what your past self would not have thought about.
This lens can be affected by several factors culture, religion, and most importantly experiences(we understand best when we go through the event).
Changing the quote said in Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons: “Perception is like language or dress. We gravitate toward the practices with which we were raised.”
The first question that pops up when reading the above lines is why? Why are we talking about perspective right now?
If you look at the world scene, we can say that we are entering the cusp of a new era.There is very little that will truly surprise us to the core after Covid-19(perhaps aliens remain) rapid technological advancements, global challenges, and shifting societal norms have made it more important than ever to consider the role of perspective in our lives.
Geopolitics are shaped through perception fuelled by the news sourced by the top bidder and thats why it is important to understand both sides of the argument and perhaps for once think of the long game and see how it affects you and those around rather than being swayed by the latest fad.
Similar to the ending of ‘Tell Me Your Dreams’ by Sidney Sheldon, the charades played by several ‘actors’ are only revealed through a glimpse at the bigger picture and perhaps understanding how they will benefit by playing allies to you right now.(pop goes the weasel)
The questions that plague us will only find answers through different schools of thought, challenging the existing laws that just fit right for some cases but fall apart for the main point.
Similar to when we solve an question in the exam thinking our approach was the best but when we step outside and hear another approach everything just falls into place way better than our method ever could(DAA exam vibes)
perspective is like the spice of life – it can make things taste better, or sometimes, a little too spicy for our liking. It’s the reason we argue about whether pineapple belongs on pizza, and get caught up in the great socks-with-sandals debate.
In conclusion, perspective is the kaleidoscope of life, revealing a multitude of colours and patterns. It’s the lens through which we view the world, and just like a kaleidoscope, it can take a simple ray of light and transform it into a breath-taking mosaic of experiences.
As we navigate the complex tapestry of existence, let’s not forget that each unique perspective adds depth and meaning to our shared journey. It’s the variety of lenses that turn a monochromatic world into a vibrant masterpiece. So, let us cherish and respect the diverse perspectives that surround us, for it is through this richness that we truly appreciate the profound beauty and depth of our human experience.


Author : Ms Dipti Shah (21BCE059), ITCSE