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Always feel gratitude for everything you have,
And try to share the maximum you can to those who cannot have.

Taking cue from the motto of NSS – “ NOT ME BUT YOU “ which reflects the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for self-less service. NSS helps the students develop an appreciation of other person’s point of view and also show consideration to other living beings.
NVM (Nirma Volunteaching Movement) is a student-led initiative taken by us, the students of Nirma University to educate the children of rural village Miroli, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
We visit them every Saturday or Sunday, to guide them through academic subjects and also with other co-curricular activities like sports, dance, creativity. Also, a syllabus is constrained for each one of them.
We share a special bond with them, not only mentors we become their friends. They lovingly call us Didi – bhaiya.

Vision : Every child has the right to education. They should get basic education and life learning skills that help them to fly in the sky of their dreams. Make children identify their talent and motivate them to do work in that direction for their bright future.
Mission : We encourage children whom we are teaching to become a volunteacher in the future so that they can take the responsibility of the students of his/her village. Doing this we can increase numbers of volunteachers and reach more numbers of children who deserve a better education.
“We try to be a change and get them ready to be one!”


SAFAR – NVM also hosts an event in a year where children are brought in Nirma university in which talent hunt and games are held and campus tour of various chemistry labs, machines , robotics are shown. Also, an event named JYOT is organized before every Diwali in Miroli. Its aim is to celebrate Diwali with children and increase our community interaction. we tried to bring out the creativity and motivate the children by various competitions.

KADAM : NVM arranges 7-days residential camp named KADAM every year. The following activities were done by our volunteachers :
● Plantation of more than 100 plants around the village
● Wall-painting at school
● Survey on education and waste management
● Various campaigns on – “Swachhata Abhiyan” , “Importance of Education”, “Say no to cigarettes and Tobacco”, “No child Marriage “and “ menstrual awareness campaign”.

Author Ms. Avadhi Jain, Student from Chemical Department