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Our adventures at Manali-Bhrigu Lake Trek

Manali Blog

Finally, it was the most awaited day of this year’s summer vacation! The first day; was the beginning of our dream trip Manali-Bhrigu Lake trek. With high hopes in our eyes and overwhelming happiness in our hearts, we reached Sabarmati station where we met some known and some unknown; perhaps many unknown same-aged people but fancy-looking trekking backpacks and varied-sized suitcases with almost all of us.

Walking through the overhead bridge, we reached the platform where our train ‘Sabarmati-Daulatpur Chowk Express’ awaited us. Soon, the train left the station marking the official start of our super adventurous journey.

We spent the rest of the day making the most out of the long overnight train journey, making new friends, finding old connections among them, playing cards and listening to music on loudspeakers besides devouring down our delicious packed food and the traditional Gujarati snacks.

Electrified about what’s in store for us next, we touched Una station at around 11 pm the next morning. We hopped out of the station where four tempo-travellers awaited us. We all readily got divided into four groups, settled into our respective vehicles and set our journey towards Manali. Later at midnight, we arrived at our hotel, devoured some food and then, went to our respective rooms sliding beneath warm blankets.

The next day, after our breakfast and then, we had a few hours to ourselves before we were called for a briefing meeting. Then after a quick lunch, we headed towards the base of the Jogini waterfall trek. After a hike of one and a half hours or so, we sighted the mesmerising waterfall and it all felt worth it!

Soon after going downhill for almost another hour, we reached Vashisht Temple where we sought the blessings of Saint Vashisht and Lord Rama. Then we proceeded towards the famous Mall Road where we explored its marketplace full of local handicraft shops and mouth-watering eateries.

The following day started with an early morning Yoga class at the terrace. Yoga helped us refresh and rejuvenate. It made us stretch our stiff bodies preparing us for the trek.

After a quick breakfast, we headed for river rafting in the cold waters of River Beas after which we proceeded for another set of escapades: Paragliding, River Crossing, Rappelling and Zipline. With contentment of having done all these fun-filled adventure activities, we took a rest, preparing ourselves mentally and physically for the next day’s hike.

The next morning, we proceeded towards the starting point of our trek where we borrowed wooden sticks from the local women vendors for it to support us throughout our biggest adventure of trekking to the prettiest grassland trek of Himachal Pradesh. After a steep ascent through the rocks for around an hour or two, we reached the ‘Maggi Point’. We rested underneath the cool shade of trees around us and recharged ourselves by consuming some electoral-mixed-water and taking a bite or two.

Soon we entered the meadows. It was all so beautiful. Passing through the lush green carpet of meadows, we witnessed the splendid beauty of nature. We were true amidst nature and were enjoying it supremely. We tasted the tiny sour wild berries and refilled our water bottles with the sweetest waters of passing-by streams.

Tired, we reached a higher campsite in the afternoon. After having lunch, we collected our sleeping bags and dozed off. In the evening, after enjoying high tea, we were assigned wood-picking duties where we were to collect wooden sticks from the nearby jungle for the bonfire. This was super adventurous too. Later, we were briefed about the next day’s summit over the bonfire.  After dinner, we again gathered around the bonfire to play a fun-filled activity, Antakshari.

Finally, it was D-Day. Around 6 in the morning, we started our hike to the sacred Bhrigu Lake. Passing the initial ascent, we entered the treeline; a scenic route full of tall pine trees all around. Soon, we entered the meadows where we sighted lush green carpets spread on bouncy mountains all around.

Around 2 pm, with the immense support and encouragement from our professors and instructors and our fellow trek-mates, we conquered the summit, alas.

Sighting the gorgeous Bhrigu Lake was a surreal moment. We had no words. We cried happy tears. We stood there still and spellbound, absorbing the beauty of the breath-taking Bhrigu lake and its snow-covered surroundings.

Soon, we kicked off our journey downhill; towards the higher base camp. After a long trek of 12 to 13 hours, we were at the higher base camp. We were supremely tired but the satisfaction and the happiness of having completed it successfully; overpowered it all.

Soon it was time to bid goodbye to the mountains. Beginning our trek earthward early morning, we touched the ground around lunchtime.

After high-tea, we headed towards Hadimba temple. After spending some time in and around this famous sacred temple, we were set off free at Mall road for a few hours. Soon after, we returned to the hotel, had dinner and got our bags packed for we had to move out early in the morning the next day. Further, a dance party was organised on the hotel premises where we all danced our hearts out giving a perfect ending to our wonderful trip!

The days had passed very quickly and it was time to head back home. Leaving the hotel early morning, we straight away halted for lunch near Una at the same restaurant where we had started our journey. It made us nostalgic, leaving us pondering how fast the night changes.

At half-past three, when the train paused at Una station for mere two minutes, we quickly boarded the train bidding goodbye to this place that gave us memories to cherish for a lifetime and embarked on our journey back to the pavilion.

Ahh, in the blink of an eye, it was the last day of the trip. The most memorable days of our lives had come to an end. Super grateful to Nirma University and Path adventures for this wonderful trip!

Author : Priyanshi Deliwala (20BCM061)