Towards HAL 9000

In 1968, based on the short story by Arthur C Clarke, a Science Fiction (SciFi) movie 2001: A Space Odyssey was directed by Stanley Kubrick. This movie shows how mankind evolved from apes to today’s humans, and how it will evolve further with evolution of machines and tools also which are created by humans.
The story is centered around an intelligent machine HAL 9000, which after getting super intelligence, starts behaving against his designers and entire humankind and forces them to work as its slaves, and fails all tricks to shut it off. Eventually, something happens which defeats the machine.
The essence of the story is that it was visualized long back, before almost 50 years, that one day will come when machines will, in all aspects of life, be powerful than us. And this is becoming reality with the advent of technologies.
I recommend you to watch this movie, and if you cannot spare time for it; then surely go for this short summary video on Kubrick’s page.
Author Sapan Mankad (

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