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Waste to Wealth Hackathon: Tackling Plastic Waste in India

In the quest for sustainable solutions to combat the ever-growing menace of plastic waste, a team of brilliant minds from the Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) Department rose to the challenge and left an indelible mark on the prestigious “Waste to Wealth Hackathon” organized by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). Demonstrating unparalleled innovation and ingenuity, our team’s solution – centred around a hydro metallurgical recycling process to extract aluminium from multi-layered plastic waste – earned resounding acclaim and secured a position among the top 5 solutions selected to combat plastic waste in India.

Introducing the Visionary Team
Our exceptional team comprised of Sahaj Soni (20BEC106), Brijesh Patel (20BEC083), Dhruvi Thakar (20BEC025), Umang Parmar (20BEC132), and Dhruv Prajapati (20BEC093). Through a seamless fusion of our diverse skills and unwavering commitment to driving positive change, we set forth on our journey to revolutionize plastic waste management.

Unveiling the Breakthrough Solution
Plastic waste pollution has posed an escalating environmental threat for decades. As our team embarked on the challenge, we recognized the need for a radical departure from conventional waste management methods. Our solution, which earned accolades from both CPCB and expert evaluators, entailed the application of hydrometallurgical recycling processes to extract valuable aluminium from multi-layered plastic waste.

At the core of our approach was the development of a cutting-edge recycling system that harnessed the potential of chemical processes to disintegrate the complex structure of multi-layered plastics, thereby liberating the aluminium contained within. Our innovation hinged on meticulous research, precision engineering, and the seamless integration of advanced technology.

The Power of Hydrometallurgical Recycling
Hydrometallurgical recycling, although in its nascent stages in the context of plastic waste, offers tremendous promise. By carefully controlling chemical reactions, temperature, and other parameters, our proposed system effectively separated the aluminium from the plastic matrix. This breakthrough not only facilitated the recovery of valuable resources but also significantly reduced the environmental burden posed by plastic waste.

A Triumph Recognized
Our innovative hydrometallurgical recycling solution captured the attention of CPCB and various other experts in the field. The recognition and applause we received were not only a testament to our team’s ingenuity but also underscored the potential of electronics and communication engineering in driving sustainable change.

Embarking on a Greener Future
Our journey through the Waste to Wealth Hackathon stands as a beacon of inspiration for all who aspire to drive environmental change through innovation. As we move forward, we are committed to transforming our groundbreaking solution into a reality. By combining our technological prowess with our determination to create a sustainable future, we are confident in our ability to reshape waste management practices on a larger scale.

Author Sahaj D Soni (20BEC106)